Stone Artifact: Slab Painting of Greek Boxers

Painting of Greek Boxers On Stone

Painting of Greek Boxers On Stone

license: public domain
source: Wikimedia Commons
author: Christoph Irrgang

A photograph shows a stone slab with a painting of Greek boxers. The fighters are just out of arm’s reach of each other, the man on the right apparently swinging at the other. They are nude except for hand wraps, as was typical of boxers in ancient Greece.


Artifact: c. 340 BC

Photo: 2007


This Greek painting, dated to the 4th century BC, depicts two Greek boxers in a match of pygmachia. This was a very popular spectator sport in ancient Greece, featured at the Olympic Games and other Panhellenic festivals. The Greek boxing hand wraps worn by pygmachia competitors can be seen here as well.

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