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  • Ancient Greek NutritionAncient Greek Nutrition
    Ancient Greek nutrition closely matched modern recommendations with regard to intake of each food group – a diet rich in natural foods.
  • Chinese Cuju (Ancient Soccer)Chinese Cuju (Ancient Soccer)
    Cuju, a sport similar to soccer, was popular for over a millennium across several Asian countries before fading away around the 16th century.
  • Ancient Roman NutritionAncient Roman Nutrition
    Ancient Roman nutrition among the upper class was fairly poor. Senaca reported the upper classes made themselves vomit at feasts for room to eat more.
  • History of Combat SportsHistory of Combat Sports
    The history of combat sports, from ancient Asia, to Mesopotamia, to Europe – learn about fighting, boxing, and wrestling across cultures throughout history.
  • Ancient Pythian GamesAncient Pythian Games
    The Greek Pythian Games were held in honor of Apollo. They featured the same sports as the Olympic Games in addition to musical contests.
  • History of Rugby FootballHistory of Rugby Football
    The history of rugby, from ancient Greece to medieval Europe – learn about football games of the past leading up to England's development of modern rugby.
  • Ancient Hawaiian Ulu Maika (Bowling)Ancient Hawaiian Ulu Maika (Bowling)
    Ulu maika was an ancient Hawaiian sport with similarities to bowling. Athletes would take turns rolling a small stone disk as far as they could.
  • History of HockeyHistory of Hockey
    The history of hockey, from ancient Irish fields to frozen Canadian lakes – learn about the hockey sports different cultures have played throughout history.