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  • Health and Medical SymbolsHealth and Medical Symbols
    Medical symbols throughout the history of humankind have often featured serpents. More abstract symbols, such as the red cross, are newer.
  • Greco-Roman Hoop RollingGreco-Roman Hoop Rolling
    Hoop rolling was a sporty Greco-Roman game played by both youths and adults. Using a short stick, they would roll a hoop for as long as possible.
  • Greek Palé (Wrestling)Greek Palé (Wrestling)
    Greek wrestling, palé, was the first non-running event added to the Ancient Olympics, though likely practiced for centuries beforehand.
  • Calcio Fiorentino (Renaissance Soccer)Calcio Fiorentino (Renaissance Soccer)
    Calcio fiorentino was an Italian Renaissance sport with elements of soccer and handball. It was popular among nobility, especially the Medici.
  • Ancient Nemean GamesAncient Nemean Games
    The Nemean Games were a series of festivals that included even more events than the Olympic Games. Legends claim it was founded by Heracles.
  • Ancient Hawaiian Ulu Maika (Bowling)Ancient Hawaiian Ulu Maika (Bowling)
    Ulu maika was an ancient Hawaiian sport with similarities to bowling. Athletes would take turns rolling a small stone disk as far as they could.
  • Greek PentathlonGreek Pentathlon
    The ancient Greek pentathlon was a multi-faceted Olympic event with high athletic demand – discus, javelin, long jump, sprinting, and wrestling.
  • Ancient Pythian GamesAncient Pythian Games
    The Greek Pythian Games were held in honor of Apollo. They featured the same sports as the Olympic Games in addition to musical contests.