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  • Compendium of Materia MedicaCompendium of Materia Medica
    The Compendium of Materia Medica is considered the most influential ancient herbal text in the Traditional Chinese Medicine community.
  • Historical Fighters and WrestlersHistorical Fighters and Wrestlers
    Health and Fitness History's list of the most notable historical combat athletes, including figures like Diagoras of Rhodes and Egyptian Horus.
  • Ancient Olympic GamesAncient Olympic Games
    The ancient Olympic Games were athletic festivals held to honor Zeus. The stadion sprint was the only event originally, with additions later on.
  • Ancient Babylonian MedicineAncient Babylonian Medicine
    Ancient Babylonian medicine revolved heavily around magic and incantations with little scientific process aside from diagnoses and prognoses.
  • Native American MedicineNative American Medicine
    Native American medicine and healthcare was centered around balance in every aspect of life – physical, spiritual, mental, and environmental.
  • History of WrestlingHistory of Wrestling
    The history of wrestling, from ancient Mesopotamia to medieval Germany. Learn about the kinds of wrestling matches these cultures engaged in.
  • Medieval European NutritionMedieval European Nutrition
    Medieval European nutrition consisted of a ton of cereals, a lot of veggies, and a modest amount of meat. Due to Catholic beliefs, fish was very popular as well.
  • History of GolfHistory of Golf
    Learn about the history of golf and its debated origins, from medieval Chinese and Dutch sports to the development of the game itself in Scotland.