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  • History of BoxingHistory of Boxing
    The history of boxing, from ancient Egypt to 17th century England. Learn about the fall of the sport and its revival a millennium later.
  • Hawaiian Ancient SurfingHawaiian Ancient Surfing
    Traditional Hawaiian culture is rich with ancient surfing history; giant, glossy surfboards for kings, conditioned koa boards for commoners.
  • Historical Fighters and WrestlersHistorical Fighters and Wrestlers
    Health and Fitness History's list of the most notable historical combat athletes, including figures like Diagoras of Rhodes and Egyptian Horus.
  • Japanese Sumo WrestlingJapanese Sumo Wrestling
    Sumo wrestling is a cultural Japanese grappling sport, born out of a mix between 18th century street fighting and Shinto traditions.
  • Medieval European NutritionMedieval European Nutrition
    Medieval European nutrition consisted of a ton of cereals, a lot of veggies, and a modest amount of meat. Due to Catholic beliefs, fish was very popular as well.
  • Greek PankrationGreek Pankration
    Pankration was a violent, unrestrained Greek combat sport with elements from boxing and wrestling. Almost no rules meant fighters could kill.
  • History of WrestlingHistory of Wrestling
    The history of wrestling, from ancient Mesopotamia to medieval Germany. Learn about the kinds of wrestling matches these cultures engaged in.
  • History of Rugby FootballHistory of Rugby Football
    The history of rugby, from ancient Greece to medieval Europe – learn about football games of the past leading up to England's development of modern rugby.