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  • History of Strength TrainingHistory of Strength Training
    The history of strength training, from ancient China to medieval Iceland – learn how these cultures disciplined their bodies to build strength and power.
  • Historical Fighters and WrestlersHistorical Fighters and Wrestlers
    Health and Fitness History's list of the most notable historical combat athletes, including figures like Diagoras of Rhodes and Egyptian Horus.
  • Greek Dolichos (Race)Greek Dolichos (Race)
    The dolichos was an ancient Greek footrace held at the Olympic Games. It was an endurance race of 18-24 laps on the stadion – about 3 miles.
  • Ancient Roman NutritionAncient Roman Nutrition
    Ancient Roman nutrition among the upper class was fairly poor. Senaca reported the upper classes made themselves vomit at feasts for room to eat more.
  • Roman Harpastum (Ball Game)Roman Harpastum (Ball Game)
    Roman harpastum was a combination of American football and keep-away. It was a fairly violent sport, with elements from wrestling incorporated.
  • Irish Coraíocht (Collar and Elbow)Irish Coraíocht (Collar and Elbow)
    Coraíocht, commonly referred to as "Collar and Elbow," was a grappling sport practiced throughout Ireland for over a millennium.
  • History of RunningHistory of Running
    The history of running, from ancient Ireland to Olympia – learn about the kinds of running competitions and games these cultures engaged in.
  • Medieval European NutritionMedieval European Nutrition
    Medieval European nutrition consisted of a ton of cereals, a lot of veggies, and a modest amount of meat. Due to Catholic beliefs, fish was very popular as well.