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  • History of YogaHistory of Yoga
    Learn about the history of yoga, from its subsets in the ancient Eastern World to its worldwide revival as a form of exercise in the 20th century.
  • Greco-Roman Hoop RollingGreco-Roman Hoop Rolling
    Hoop rolling was a sporty Greco-Roman game played by both youths and adults. Using a short stick, they would roll a hoop for as long as possible.
  • Ancient Greek NutritionAncient Greek Nutrition
    Ancient Greek nutrition closely matched modern recommendations with regard to intake of each food group – a diet rich in natural foods.
  • Greek Dolichos (Race)Greek Dolichos (Race)
    The dolichos was an ancient Greek footrace held at the Olympic Games. It was an endurance race of 18-24 laps on the stadion – about 3 miles.
  • BloodlettingBloodletting
    Bloodletting covers a broad stretch of history, notably from ancient Greece (and not ancient Egypt) into 19th century Western culture.
  • Greek PankrationGreek Pankration
    Pankration was a violent, unrestrained Greek combat sport with elements from boxing and wrestling. Almost no rules meant fighters could kill.
  • Rx, Prescription Symbol OriginRx, Prescription Symbol Origin
    Rx, or ℞, is the symbol for prescriptions, used both in modern times and centuries past. The three theories as to its origins are detailed here.
  • History of GolfHistory of Golf
    Learn about the history of golf and its debated origins, from medieval Chinese and Dutch sports to the development of the game itself in Scotland.