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  • Ancient Roman NutritionAncient Roman Nutrition
    Ancient Roman nutrition among the upper class was fairly poor. Senaca reported the upper classes made themselves vomit at feasts for room to eat more.
  • History of Kung FuHistory of Kung Fu
    Learn about the history of kung fu, from its precursors in India to its development in Shaolin and its spread throughout China in the Middle Ages.
  • Ancient Egyptian NutritionAncient Egyptian Nutrition
    Ancient Egyptian nutrition centered around bread, beer, and vegetables. Abundance of barley led to a diet heavy with all kinds of bread and nutritional beer.
  • Hawaiian Ancient SurfingHawaiian Ancient Surfing
    Traditional Hawaiian culture is rich with ancient surfing history; giant, glossy surfboards for kings, conditioned koa boards for commoners.
  • BloodlettingBloodletting
    Bloodletting covers a broad stretch of history, notably from ancient Greece (and not ancient Egypt) into 19th century Western culture.
  • Greek PankrationGreek Pankration
    Pankration was a violent, unrestrained Greek combat sport with elements from boxing and wrestling. Almost no rules meant fighters could kill.
  • History of Football (American)History of Football (American)
    The history of football, from ancient Greece to medieval Europe – learn about football games of the past and the development of modern American football.
  • Historical RunnersHistorical Runners
    Health and Fitness History's list of the most historical runners, including the legend behind the marathon race, Pheidippides.