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  • Greek StadiumGreek Stadium
    The ancient Greek stadium hosted Panhellenic festivals in different regions, such as the ancient Olympic Games and Panathenaic Games.
  • Greek Palé (Wrestling)Greek Palé (Wrestling)
    Greek wrestling, palé, was the first non-running event added to the Ancient Olympics, though likely practiced for centuries beforehand.
  • Malla-Yuddha (South Asian Wrestling)Malla-Yuddha (South Asian Wrestling)
    Malla-yuddha was an ancient South Asian combat sport with rich cultural history, incorporating grappling, boxing, and martial arts.
  • Calcio Fiorentino (Renaissance Soccer)Calcio Fiorentino (Renaissance Soccer)
    Calcio fiorentino was an Italian Renaissance sport with elements of soccer and handball. It was popular among nobility, especially the Medici.
  • Medieval European NutritionMedieval European Nutrition
    Medieval European nutrition consisted of a ton of cereals, a lot of veggies, and a modest amount of meat. Due to Catholic beliefs, fish was very popular as well.
  • History of FitnessHistory of Fitness
    The history of fitness and exercise, from ancient Greece to India – learn how these cultures kept their bodies in healthy condition.
  • Greek PalaestraGreek Palaestra
    The palaestra was an ancient Greek athletic establishment for combat sports. It was a central icon within the life of the Greek man.
  • BloodlettingBloodletting
    Bloodletting covers a broad stretch of history, notably from ancient Greece (and not ancient Egypt) into 19th century Western culture.