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  • Compendium of Materia MedicaCompendium of Materia Medica
    The Compendium of Materia Medica is considered the most influential ancient herbal text in the Traditional Chinese Medicine community.
  • Greek StadiumGreek Stadium
    The ancient Greek stadium hosted Panhellenic festivals in different regions, such as the ancient Olympic Games and Panathenaic Games.
  • Greek Pygmachia (Boxing)Greek Pygmachia (Boxing)
    Pygmachia was a wildly popular Greek boxing sport with brutal and bloody fighting techniques, occasionally leading to deaths in the pit.
  • History of Combat SportsHistory of Combat Sports
    The history of combat sports, from ancient Asia, to Mesopotamia, to Europe – learn about fighting, boxing, and wrestling across cultures throughout history.
  • Native American MedicineNative American Medicine
    Native American medicine and healthcare was centered around balance in every aspect of life – physical, spiritual, mental, and environmental.
  • Greek Episkyros (Ball Game)Greek Episkyros (Ball Game)
    Episkyros, like American football, required a lot of strength and agility. It was a somewhat dangerous sport, with occasional broken bones
  • History of FitnessHistory of Fitness
    The history of fitness and exercise, from ancient Greece to India – learn how these cultures kept their bodies in healthy condition.
  • Ancient Greek MedicineAncient Greek Medicine
    Ancient Greek medicine paved the way for Western healthcare practices, growing from prayers to the gods to precise diagnoses and prescriptions.