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  • Ancient Olympic GamesAncient Olympic Games
    The ancient Olympic Games were athletic festivals held to honor Zeus. The stadion sprint was the only event originally, with additions later on.
  • History of Kung FuHistory of Kung Fu
    Learn about the history of kung fu, from its precursors in India to its development in Shaolin and its spread throughout China in the Middle Ages.
  • Ancient Egyptian MedicineAncient Egyptian Medicine
    Ancient Egyptian medicine and healthcare was a dance between science and magic. Wound care, herbalism, and prayers all played a role in healing.
  • Health and Medical SymbolsHealth and Medical Symbols
    Medical symbols throughout the history of humankind have often featured serpents. More abstract symbols, such as the red cross, are newer.
  • Irish Coraíocht (Collar and Elbow)Irish Coraíocht (Collar and Elbow)
    Coraíocht, commonly referred to as "Collar and Elbow," was a grappling sport practiced throughout Ireland for over a millennium.
  • Ancient Aztec NutritionAncient Aztec Nutrition
    Ancient Aztec nutrition revolved heavily around corn and maize, complimented with vegetables and a lot of salt and chili pepper. Insects, too.
  • Historical RunnersHistorical Runners
    Health and Fitness History's list of the most historical runners, including the legend behind the marathon race, Pheidippides.
  • Greek GymnasiumGreek Gymnasium
    The ancient Greek gymnasium was a bastion of physical education where men could train under the supervision of seasoned athletes.