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  • History of BoxingHistory of Boxing
    The history of boxing, from ancient Egypt to 17th century England. Learn about the fall of the sport and its revival a millennium later.
  • Greek Dolichos (Race)Greek Dolichos (Race)
    The dolichos was an ancient Greek footrace held at the Olympic Games. It was an endurance race of 18-24 laps on the stadion – about 3 miles.
  • Greek Pygmachia (Boxing)Greek Pygmachia (Boxing)
    Pygmachia was a wildly popular Greek boxing sport with brutal and bloody fighting techniques, occasionally leading to deaths in the pit.
  • Hawaiian Ancient SurfingHawaiian Ancient Surfing
    Traditional Hawaiian culture is rich with ancient surfing history; giant, glossy surfboards for kings, conditioned koa boards for commoners.
  • Japanese Kemari (Medieval Hacky Sack)Japanese Kemari (Medieval Hacky Sack)
    Kemari was a Japanese keep-up game from the Middle Ages. Players cooperated to keep a ball airborne, often purposefully kicking it into trees. Learn more.
  • German Ringen (Grappling)German Ringen (Grappling)
    Geselliges Ringen was a medieval German recreational sport, while Kampfringen was a self-defense system akin to MMA.
  • Greek Diaulos (Race)Greek Diaulos (Race)
    The Greek diaulos was a two-lap sprint around 200 meters. It was the second sport to be featured in the ancient Olympic Games.
  • History of HockeyHistory of Hockey
    The history of hockey, from ancient Irish fields to frozen Canadian lakes – learn about the hockey sports different cultures have played throughout history.