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  • Old Sports from BC Era

    The following is a list of some of history’s oldest sports from before the current era, ordered roughly by probable dates of origin…

  • Panhellenic Games

    The Panhellenic Games is a collective term for the four primary festivals in ancient Greece; the Olympic, Pythian, Isthmian, and Nemean Games.

  • Persian Zurkhaneh

    The ancient Persian zurkhaneh originated in military training, evolving into an institution for ritualistic training both physical and mental.

  • Recipes for Fifty-Two Ailments

    Recipes for Fifty-Two Ailments is an ancient Chinese medical text detailing 283 prescriptions for various ailments, including ulcers and poisoning.

  • Roman Harpastum (Ball Game)

    Roman harpastum was a combination of American football and keep-away. It was a fairly violent sport, with elements from wrestling incorporated.

  • Roman Pila (Balls): Follis, Paganica, Trigon

    The four primary sports played in ancient Roman society used three types of balls (pila); the follis, paganica, and trigon

  • Rx, Prescription Symbol Origin

    Rx, or ℞, is the symbol for prescriptions, used both in modern times and centuries past. The three theories as to its origins are detailed here.

  • Scottish Shinty

    Shinty is a Scottish ball game with ancient Gaelic roots. This dangerous sport has characteristics similar to soccer, hockey, and baseball.

  • Strongest Man in History

    The title of strongest man in history is typically given to the man with the heaviest confirmed lift of any kind over any distance…

  • The Mesoamerican Ball Game

    The Mesoamerican ball game was a wildly popular – and deadly – spectator sport played among many Mesoamerican societies throughout millennia.

  • Welsh Bando (Field Hockey)

    Bando is a Welsh hockey sport that was wildly popular in its past. It was even responsible for a level of deforestation in 18th century Wales.

  • Welsh Cnapan (Medieval Football)

    Cnapan was a massive, chaotic ball sport played in Wales as early as the Dark Ages. Games had up to 2,000 players, both on foot and horseback.