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  • History of Volleyball

    The history of volleyball is closely related to basketball, both originating at YMCAs in Massachusetts during the 1890s.

  • History of Wrestling

    The history of wrestling, from ancient Mesopotamia to medieval Germany. Learn about the kinds of wrestling matches these cultures engaged in.

  • History of Yoga

    Learn about the history of yoga, from its subsets in the ancient Eastern World to its worldwide revival as a form of exercise in the 20th century.

  • History’s First Sport Recorded

    Learn about the sport that stretches farthest back in history to ancient Mesopotamia, as well as close runners-up and common misconceptions.

  • Icelandic Knattleikr (Viking Lacrosse)

    Knattleikr was an Nordic ball sport played by the medieval Icelandic vikings. It appears to have borne some similarities to lacrosse.

  • Irish Caid (Medieval Football)

    Caid was a medieval Irish football sport, grouped among the European sports that led to the development of soccer, rugby, and football.

  • Irish Coraíocht (Collar and Elbow)

    Coraíocht, commonly referred to as “Collar and Elbow,” was a grappling sport practiced throughout Ireland for over a millennium.

  • Irish Hurling

    Hurling is an Irish ball game with ancient Gaelic roots. This high-adrenaline sport has been a symbol of masculinity throughout Irish history.

  • Japanese Kemari (Medieval Hacky Sack)

    Kemari was a Japanese keep-up game from the Middle Ages. Players cooperated to keep a ball airborne, often purposefully kicking it into trees. Learn more.

  • Japanese Sumo Wrestling

    Sumo wrestling is a cultural Japanese grappling sport, born out of a mix between 18th century street fighting and Shinto traditions.

  • Malla-Yuddha (South Asian Wrestling)

    Malla-yuddha was an ancient South Asian combat sport with rich cultural history, incorporating grappling, boxing, and martial arts.

  • Medieval European Nutrition

    Medieval European nutrition consisted of a ton of cereals, a lot of veggies, and a modest amount of meat. Due to Catholic beliefs, fish was very popular as well.

  • Medieval French Chole (Golf)

    Chole was a medieval French sport with some striking similarities to golf, though one player would strike the ball away from the goal.

  • Medieval Irish Nutrition

    Medieval Irish nutrition was made up primarily of dairy, meat, and grains. This diet was heavy with hearty stew and thickened milk.

  • Medieval Mob Football

    Medieval mob football was a massive ball sport played in medieval Europe. Teams of entire towns would try to score by any means short of murder.

  • Mesoamerican Pelota Purépecha

    Pelota purépecha was a Mesoamerican ball sport with great similarity to field hockey, sometimes played with a ball lit on fire.

  • Mongolian Beikou (Daur Hockey)

    Daur hockey is a millennium-old sport from northern China. Historically, players used rough tree branches and a piece of apricot root to play.

  • Native American Chunkey

    Chunkey was a Native American sport that involved rolling a small circular stone and trying to land a long pole near its final resting place.

  • Native American Medicine

    Native American medicine and healthcare was centered around balance in every aspect of life – physical, spiritual, mental, and environmental.

  • Native American Shinny (Hockey)

    Shinny is a term usually used to refer to a sport comparable to hockey or lacrosse, played by Native American and Canadian First Nations tribes.