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  • Aboriginal Marn Grook (Ball Sport)

    Marn Grook is an Aboriginal team ball sport played among the tribes of western Victoria, Australia since an unknown point in history.

  • Aboriginal Woggabaliri (Ball Sport)

    Woggabaliri is a sport of the Aboriginal Wiradjuri people. Historically, it was a very simple keep-up game with no winner, like hacky sack.

  • Ancient Aztec Nutrition

    Ancient Aztec nutrition revolved heavily around corn and maize, complimented with vegetables and a lot of salt and chili pepper. Insects, too.

  • Ancient Babylonian Medicine

    Ancient Babylonian medicine revolved heavily around magic and incantations with little scientific process aside from diagnoses and prognoses.

  • Ancient Egyptian Medicine

    Ancient Egyptian medicine and healthcare was a dance between science and magic. Wound care, herbalism, and prayers all played a role in healing.

  • Ancient Egyptian Nutrition

    Ancient Egyptian nutrition centered around bread, beer, and vegetables. Abundance of barley led to a diet heavy with all kinds of bread and nutritional beer.

  • Ancient Greek Medicine

    Ancient Greek medicine paved the way for Western healthcare practices, growing from prayers to the gods to precise diagnoses and prescriptions.

  • Ancient Greek Nutrition

    Ancient Greek nutrition closely matched modern recommendations with regard to intake of each food group – a diet rich in natural foods.

  • Ancient Hawaiian Hakoko (Wrestling)

    Hakoko was an ancient Hawaiian form of upright wrestling that fell completely out of practice sometime in the 19th century.

  • Ancient Hawaiian Holua (Lava Sledding)

    He’e holua is a traditional Hawaiian sport. Diving headfirst down mountainside courses, athletes slide for distance on their papa holua sledges.

  • Ancient Hawaiian Kukini (Racing)

    Kukini was an ancient Hawaiian foot racing sport with focus on gambling. Athletes would sometimes even throw races to secure their bets.

  • Ancient Hawaiian Mokomoko (Boxing)

    Mokomoko was a traditional Hawaiian boxing sport. These athletes wouldn’t dodge, and could only block by punching the opponent’s fist.

  • Ancient Hawaiian Pahee (Javelin Throw)

    Pahee was an ancient Hawaiian sport that involved throwing a short javelin-like pole for distance down a long dirt path.

  • Ancient Hawaiian Ulu Maika (Bowling)

    Ulu maika was an ancient Hawaiian sport with similarities to bowling. Athletes would take turns rolling a small stone disk as far as they could.

  • Ancient Heraean Games

    The Heraean Games were a series of festivals held in honor of the Greek goddess Hera. Only women were allowed to compete in these games.

  • Ancient Isthmian Games

    The ancient Isthmian Games were a series of athletic festivals held in honor of Poseidon, the Greek mythological deity of the sea.

  • Ancient Nemean Games

    The Nemean Games were a series of festivals that included even more events than the Olympic Games. Legends claim it was founded by Heracles.

  • Ancient Olympic Games

    The ancient Olympic Games were athletic festivals held to honor Zeus. The stadion sprint was the only event originally, with additions later on.

  • Ancient Panathenaic Games

    Athens’ ancient Panathenaic Games featured a variety of artistic, athletic, and equestrian events – more than any of the other Greek festivals.

  • Ancient Persian Nutrition

    Ancient Persian nutrition – herby rice loaded with vegetables and lamb, bread flavored with milk or herbs, and sweet fruit and wine for dessert.