Marble Statue: Bust of Aristotle

Marble Bust of Aristotle

Marble Bust of Aristotle

license: public domain
source: Wikimedia Commons
author: Jastrow

A photograph shows a marble bust of Aristotle. He wears on his shoulders an earth-colored alabaster mantle, contrasting the white marble of the bust itself.


Artifact: original c. 330 BC (see below)

Photo: 2006


This marble bust of Aristotle is a Roman copy of a Greek work thought to originate around 330 BC. Aristotle was a philosopher and scientist who advocated empiricism and observation of phenomena within their natural habitats, indirectly influencing the development of medicine within ancient Greece. He also contributed a number theories regarding biology and medicine directly.

At the time of photograph, this work was housed in the National Museum of Rome.

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