Marble Relief: Greek Men Wrestling

Marble Relief: Greek Men Wrestling

Marble Relief of Greek Men Wrestling

Marble Relief of Greek Men Wrestling

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author: Fingalo

A Greek marble relief depicts two men grappling with each other. The man on the right is grabbing the other man’s left arm with two hands, while the left man’s free arm grabs the right man’s left shoulder. Two more men watch from the sides, with the one on the right holding a long rod or stick.


Artifact: 510–500 BC

Photo: June 2007


This marble relief is located on one side of a funerary statue base, located in the National Archeological Museum in Athens at the time of photograph. The photograph pictures the front of the base. The two men depicted in the relief appear to be engaging in palé, an ancient Greek wrestling sport. The man on the right appears to be a referee or judge, wielding a rod with which to punish any rule-breaking.

The left side of the statue base, depicting either the Greek ball game episkyros or the Greek boxing sport pygmachia, is linked below.

marble relief of Greek ball players or boxers

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