Wall Painting: Egyptian Wrestlers at Beni Hasan

Wall Painting of Egyptian Wresters at Beni Hasan Tomb

Wall Painting of Egyptian Wresters at Beni Hasan Tomb

799 × 181 1,010 × 229
license: public domain
source: Wikimedia Commons
author: unknown

A wall painting depicts a pair of Egyptians in a wide variety of wrestling and grappling positions. These techniques seem to include throws, pins, takedowns, holds, and punches.


Artifact: c. 20th century BC

Photo: unknown


Beni Hasan is an ancient Egyptian burial site, primarily used from the 21st to 17th centuries BC. This particular wall mural is located in the tomb of the ancient Egyptian official Baqet III. At of the time of photograph, this tomb, referred to as Tomb 15, is open for public viewing.

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