About Us

Our Mission

Health and Fitness History’s goal is to provide information on the health-related practices of societies throughout history. Focusing on relevant topics like sports, medicine, and nutrition, we continually collect and analyze historical records in an effort to present educational material in an interesting format.

This website is the result of a passion for health, history, and knowledge. Any kindling of that same passion in anyone, whether young or old, is a mission accomplished. We encourage the use of this resource for any educational purpose, personal or academic. For information on using our original material for noncommercial or commercial purposes, please read our terms of use.

Our Criteria

We primarily present information on health-related practices before modern history. Though some entries on this site present information from within modern history, our biggest focus is on health and fitness practices of societies before this period.

We strive to present information objectively. When practices of past societies don’t align with modern ideals, we don’t skew the facts. When the historical factuality of a piece of information is questionable, we make it clear. Every word in every line of text is carefully chosen to present our findings as accurately and objectively as possible, and we take pride in our quality of work.

Our Material

With the above in mind, we’ve been able to organize our material into the following five categories of study:

  • Explore History: a collection of historical summaries of fitness topics ranging from strength training to ball sports
  • Athletes & Events: a category focusing on notable ancient athletes (such as runners or wrestlers) as well as significant athletic events and festivals, such as the small slew of Panhellenic Games
  • Sports: an ever-growing index of sports played by a wide variety of societies throughout the ages, ranging from the structured Greek boxing sport to the chaotic medieval mob football
  • Nutrition & Medicine: a selection of healthcare and medicinal practices, dietary summaries, and nutritional analyses of societies throughout history
  • Ancient Fitness Tools: a compilation of items, structures, and institutions used to aid any aspect of health and fitness (for example, the Greek gymnasium, Chinese fighting platform, or Persian training pit)


Health and Fitness History is a very small team dedicated to the aforementioned mission. Luke Simmons, NSCA-CPT is currently the sole writer for this site, and has authored all of our content. You can take a look at some of his other work at lukesimmons.net.