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  • Ancient Babylonian MedicineAncient Babylonian Medicine
    Ancient Babylonian medicine revolved heavily around magic and incantations with little scientific process aside from diagnoses and prognoses.
  • The Mesoamerican Ball GameThe Mesoamerican Ball Game
    The Mesoamerican ball game was a wildly popular – and deadly – spectator sport played among many Mesoamerican societies throughout millennia.
  • Japanese Sumo WrestlingJapanese Sumo Wrestling
    Sumo wrestling is a cultural Japanese grappling sport, born out of a mix between 18th century street fighting and Shinto traditions.
  • History of Strength TrainingHistory of Strength Training
    The history of strength training, from ancient China to medieval Iceland – learn how these cultures disciplined their bodies to build strength and power.
  • BloodlettingBloodletting
    Bloodletting covers a broad stretch of history, notably from ancient Greece (and not ancient Egypt) into 19th century Western culture.
  • Historical RunnersHistorical Runners
    Health and Fitness History's list of the most historical runners, including the legend behind the marathon race, Pheidippides.
  • History of FitnessHistory of Fitness
    The history of fitness and exercise, from ancient Greece to India – learn how these cultures kept their bodies in healthy condition.
  • Japanese Kemari (Medieval Hacky Sack)Japanese Kemari (Medieval Hacky Sack)
    Kemari was a Japanese keep-up game from the Middle Ages. Players cooperated to keep a ball airborne, often purposefully kicking it into trees. Learn more.