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  • Ancient Olympic GamesAncient Olympic Games
    The ancient Olympic Games were athletic festivals held to honor Zeus. The stadion sprint was the only event originally, with additions later on.
  • Greco-Roman Hoop RollingGreco-Roman Hoop Rolling
    Hoop rolling was a sporty Greco-Roman game played by both youths and adults. Using a short stick, they would roll a hoop for as long as possible.
  • History of BoxingHistory of Boxing
    The history of boxing, from ancient Egypt to 17th century England. Learn about the fall of the sport and its revival a millennia later.
  • History of Ball SportsHistory of Ball Sports
    The history of ball sports, from ancient Chinese soccer to keep-away in Rome – learn about the ball games different cultures played throughout history.
  • Greek Diaulos (Race)Greek Diaulos (Race)
    The Greek diaulos was a two-lap sprint around 200 meters. It was the second sport to be featured in the ancient Olympic Games.
  • Ancient Greek MedicineAncient Greek Medicine
    Ancient Greek medicine paved the way for Western healthcare practices, growing from prayers to the gods to precise diagnoses and prescriptions.
  • Ancient Persian NutritionAncient Persian Nutrition
    Ancient Persian nutrition – herby rice loaded with vegetables and lamb, bread flavored with milk or herbs, and sweet fruit and wine for dessert.
  • Greek PankrationGreek Pankration
    Pankration was a violent, unrestrained Greek combat sport with elements from boxing and wrestling. Almost no rules meant fighters could kill.