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  • History of Strength TrainingHistory of Strength Training
    The history of strength training, from ancient China to medieval Iceland – learn how these cultures disciplined their bodies to build strength and power.
  • History of KarateHistory of Karate
    Learn about the history of karate, from its precursors in ancient India to its development in Okinawa, Japan and its spread in the 20th century.
  • Japanese Sumo WrestlingJapanese Sumo Wrestling
    Sumo wrestling is a cultural Japanese grappling sport, born out of a mix between 18th century street fighting and Shinto traditions.
  • Greek JavelinGreek Javelin
    The Greek javelin, though primarily used for war and hunting, was a recognizable icon within ancient Greek athletic culture.
  • Roman Harpastum (Ball Game)Roman Harpastum (Ball Game)
    Roman harpastum was a combination of American football and keep-away. It was a fairly violent sport, with elements from wrestling incorporated.
  • German Ringen (Grappling)German Ringen (Grappling)
    Geselliges Ringen was a medieval German recreational sport, while Kampfringen was a self-defense system akin to MMA.
  • Greek GymnasiumGreek Gymnasium
    The ancient Greek gymnasium was a bastion of physical education where men could train under the supervision of seasoned athletes.
  • Ancient Persian NutritionAncient Persian Nutrition
    Ancient Persian nutrition – herby rice loaded with vegetables and lamb, bread flavored with milk or herbs, and sweet fruit and wine for dessert.