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  • Ancient Isthmian GamesAncient Isthmian Games
    The ancient Isthmian Games were a series of athletic festivals held in honor of Poseidon, the Greek mythological deity of the sea.
  • Ancient Olympic GamesAncient Olympic Games
    The ancient Olympic Games were athletic festivals held to honor Zeus. The stadion sprint was the only event originally, with additions later on.
  • History of SoccerHistory of Soccer
    The history of soccer, from ancient China to medieval Europe – learn about football games of the past and the development of modern association football.
  • Greek JavelinGreek Javelin
    The Greek javelin, though primarily used for war and hunting, was a recognizable icon within ancient Greek athletic culture.
  • Japanese Kemari (Medieval Hacky Sack)Japanese Kemari (Medieval Hacky Sack)
    Kemari was a Japanese keep-up game from the Middle Ages. Players cooperated to keep a ball airborne, often purposefully kicking it into trees. Learn more.
  • Ancient Heraean GamesAncient Heraean Games
    The Heraean Games were a series of festivals held in honor of the Greek goddess Hera. Only women were allowed to compete in these games.
  • History of WrestlingHistory of Wrestling
    The history of wrestling, from ancient Mesopotamia to medieval Germany. Learn about the kinds of wrestling matches these cultures engaged in.
  • Greek Episkyros (Ball Game)Greek Episkyros (Ball Game)
    Episkyros, like American football, required a lot of strength and agility. It was a somewhat dangerous sport, with occasional broken bones