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  • Chinese Cuju (Ancient Soccer)Chinese Cuju (Ancient Soccer)
    Cuju, a sport similar to soccer, was popular for over a millennium across several Asian countries before fading away around the 16th century.
  • History of BoxingHistory of Boxing
    The history of boxing, from ancient Egypt to 17th century England. Learn about the fall of the sport and its revival a millennia later.
  • Ancient Olympic GamesAncient Olympic Games
    The ancient Olympic Games were athletic festivals held to honor Zeus. The stadion sprint was the only event originally, with additions later on.
  • Health and Medical SymbolsHealth and Medical Symbols
    Medical symbols throughout the history of humankind have often featured serpents. More abstract symbols, such as the red cross, are newer.
  • Rx, Prescription Symbol OriginRx, Prescription Symbol Origin
    Rx, or ℞, is the symbol for prescriptions, used both in modern times and centuries past. The three theories as to its origins are detailed here.
  • Roman Harpastum (Ball Game)Roman Harpastum (Ball Game)
    Roman harpastum was a combination of American football and keep-away. It was a fairly violent sport, with elements from wrestling incorporated.
  • Native American MedicineNative American Medicine
    Native American medicine and healthcare was centered around balance in every aspect of life – physical, spiritual, mental, and environmental.
  • Greek PentathlonGreek Pentathlon
    The ancient Greek pentathlon was a multi-faceted Olympic event with high athletic demand – discus, javelin, long jump, sprinting, and wrestling.